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Graphisoft Announces the Free "BIM Experience Kit" Including ARCHICAD 11

Innovative and fun way for professionals working in a 2D world to experience BIM in a voice-led, Frank Lloyd Wright designed project

Budapest, July 31, 2007 - Graphisoft announced today that Graphisoft ARCHICAD® 11 BIM Experience Kit is immediately available for download on both the Windows® and Macintosh® platforms.

"Studies show that 2D users have two conflicting fears: they are afraid they will lose their competitiveness if they don't adopt BIM, and they are also afraid that the BIM adoption is going to be too hard and they might fail. The BIM Experience Kit enables professionals to learn BIM at their own pace and get a high comfort level before making the production switch", said Patrick Mays, AIA, Vice President, Graphisoft North America who has a long and successful track record of helping firms transition to a 3D design environment.

BIM Experience Kit Overview - the four main areas include product, interactive learning, assessment and rewards:


The International and U.S. editions are available immediately: . Most localized versions will be shipped in the next few months. For information regarding the availability of the ARCHICAD 11 BIM Experience Kit, please contact your nearest authorized reseller. To locate a reseller near you, visit: