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ARCHICAD Book Available on Amazon

Object Making with ARCHICAD, written by leading GDL expert David Nicholson-Cole, is now available on

Object Making with ARCHICAD is designed to help users get more enjoyment and productivity from ARCHICAD. This volume offers an easy-to-follow route that leads from tool using to object making with Graphisoft's Geometric Description Language (GDL). This opens up a new world of opportunity for each user as they find practical uses for GDL and realize that it is easier than they thought. Before you know it, you, too, will be able to tackle GDL.

David Nicholson-Cole is an architect and teaches at Nottingham University in the UK. He has been an evangelist for GDL and a busy producer of GDL objects since discovering the power (and the pleasure) of GDL. He is the author of the GDL Cookbook, which logically follows after this book. The Cookbook is available at