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ARCHICAD 7.0 Scores 4.5 out of 5 Stars From CADENCE

"The Cream of the Crop Just Got Creamier!"

The August 2001 issue of CADENCE magazine (published in the US) features a review of ARCHICAD 7.0 by veteran industry journalist Jerry Laiserin. In this comprehensive look at the new features, Laiserin says, "Even upon installation and boot up, ARCHICAD 7.0 reveals handy new features."

"One of the most exciting new elements of ARCHICAD 7.0 is its construction simulation capability, linked to Microsoft Project. By breaking a project down to tasks and linking those tasks to architectural elements in the building model, ARCHICAD can generate project visualizations at any moment in time or animations over any period of time."

"The other big news in ARCHICAD 7.0 is its newly market-leading Internet functionality. I gave prior versions demerits for not being up to speed with Internet connectivity, but Version 7.0 truly leapfrogs the competition in this regard. A project exchange function provides a complete loop of Internet-enabled workflow from within ARCHICAD."

You can read the entire review online on the CADENCE website.