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ARCHICAD Lauded in CAD for Principals' Survey

San Francisco, CA, December 20, 2000 - Graphisoft's flagship product - ARCHICAD - easily won three of six categories in its class in a recent survey of AEC CAD software conducted by CAD for Principals, a newly-formed professional organization led by Kristine K. Fallon, FAIA, and sponsored by Revit Technology Corporation. Complete results of the study are scheduled for publication by PSMJ Resources, Inc. in January 2001.

The survey, which was based on evaluations completed by an ad hoc group of professional Users, organized six AEC CAD vendors in three like classes and evaluated their CAD software products across six categories.

ARCHICAD ranked best in its class - True Building Modelers - in three categories - interoperability/electronic process; design and quality feedback; and output and deliverables - and held a close second in the remaining categories for which it was evaluated - ease of use, where it won for customization; and working like professionals think. The survey did not evaluate ARCHICAD in the budget, schedule and performance controls category.

The survey noted that ARCHICAD was the only product evaluated that supports its current release in both Mac and Windows platforms.

On ARCHICAD's win of the output and deliverables category, the survey stated, "As a dual-platform application that has co-existed for 15 years in an AutoCAD dominated industry, Graphisoft has developed a real understanding and deft handling of data compatibility issues. Compatibility with AutoCAD is excellent."

Graphisoft US President Tamas Hajas comments, "It is our understanding that one of the CAD for Principals Council's primary goals is to help firms navigate the AEC CAD landscape as the industry worldwide transitions from 2D-based tools to 3D solutions. Their recent survey serves to reinforce the fact that ARCHICAD, with more than 75,000 users worldwide, has firmly established itself as the de facto standard in 3D CAD for the design and building industries."

CAD expert Geoffrey Moore Langdon, AIA, in his Cadence AEC Tech News December 2000 observed, "Graphisoft is clearly leading the ongoing AEC IT revolution from 2D CADD to 3D intelligent architectural objects."