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ARCHICAD to Support IAI IFC 1.5 and DXF-II

ARCHICAD helps demonstrate new interoperability standard at ACS Show in Frankfurt

Budapest - November 12, 1998

Graphisoft (Frankfurt Neuer Markt: GPH), a leading provider of CAD software for architects and building professionals announced that it will release an IFC 1.51 input/output extension for ARCHICAD 6.0 by mid-1999. Graphisoft is once again a participant this week in the International Alliance for Interoperability's (IAI) booth in Frankfurt, Germany at the ACS Show where leading CAD vendors will demonstrate seamless file sharing using the IAI's Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format.

"We have pioneered the development of intelligent objects in CAD software since 1982," says Tibor Gáthy, Graphisoft's Senior Director of Product Marketing. "It is only natural that, as a leading developer of object-based CAD, we incorporate the work of the International Alliance for Interoperability into ARCHICAD."

A member of the IAI since 1996, Graphisoft is committed to developing an IFC ARCHICAD-toolbox. The IFC file format will provide architects with a bridge between software programs and building products manufacturers. IFC describes not only the physical dimensions of a given object, but stores information about its composition and assembly and descriptive data as well. IFC compliant applications will offer CAD users in the future the freedom to select the CAD software that best suits their needs without fear of losing data or being isolated from other consultants.

Graphisoft is also actively working with a group of European manufacturers and other CAD software developers to extend the DXF format. The manufacturers supporting this initiative include ABB, Audi, Betek, BMW, Bosch, Daimler Benz, Ford, Haas+Partner, Iveco, Kuka, MAN, Porsche, ProSTEP, REFA, Schneider+Partner, and Volkswagen (source:upFront.eZine).

The new DXF format is called DXF-II/CDS. CDS is short for "Construction Drawing Subset". The effort is part of ISO 10303, TC 184, which includes the STEP AP-214 standard for CAD drawing exchange ( DXF-II extends Autodesk's old DXF specification and adding elements specific to CDS. By leveraging the existing drafting standard, the group hopes to gain faster market acceptance among customers and software vendors (source: upFront.eZine).

No date has been announced for the release of the DXF-II format, but Graphisoft intends to offer an input/output extension for ARCHICAD customers soon after the final format is available.

Graphisoft is a leading provider of computer-aided design (CAD) software solutions for the architectural profession and the building industry. Founded in 1982, Graphisoft is ranked today among the largest AEC CAD software developers in the world, with 12 offices all over the world in addition to its headquarters. Graphisoft's flagship product, ARCHICAD, is used by more than 75,000 architects worldwide and distributed in 25 languages and 80 countries. Shares of Graphisoft are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Neuer Markt under the symbol GPH. More information about Graphisoft is available at