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Graphisoft drives the availability of GDL electronic product catalogs to architects and designers by offering GDL Publishing software at no charge

Smart GDL objects offer architects and designers the optimal way of incorporating manufactured components, such as doors, windows, steel and pre-cast concrete products in their designs

Budapest, 24 February, 2004 - Graphisoft made its GDL Publishing software freely available on its website. This will benefit architects and designers who wish to see a much greater availability of GDL product catalog objects to incorporate into their designs.

"The Construction industry is adopting product model-based data management processes from design to facility management. There is an increasing need for manufacturers' electronic product data in this process." said Andras Haidekker, Director of Partner Development at Graphisoft. "To enable the design community to use more model-based product information, we have made access to our GDL Software at no charge."

The use of smart GDL objects greatly speeds up design work. Smart objects are optimal for describing manufactured components, such as doors, windows, steel and pre-cast concrete products and furniture. Entire product lines of hundreds of product codes can be described by just three to four GDL objects, taking only a few hundred kilobytes of disk space. Once a user has set their parameter values, they can be displayed accurately in 2D and/or 3D, according to the specifications of the real world products they represent. Read more about intelligent GDL objects at

The GDL Publishing tools being made available are GDL Web Control, GDL Adapter and GDL Explorer. By using GDL Web Control, building products can be displayed on HTML pages and their parameters set and dragged into the design. AutoCAD® users can also take advantage of GDL objects; GDL Adapter allows them to make full use of the functionality of smart GDL objects within their building design projects. GDL Explorer provides a utility allowing users to view GDL Objects and save them in different CAD formats, without having to use a CAD package.

Today, tens of thousands of GDL objects are available for use in CAD design. Prestigious companies such as Casawell, Corus, Kömmerling, Martela, Sofa, Technal, Trus Joist, Velux, Wiesner Hager and Wilkhahn have successfully used GDL objects to represent their product lines.

"Establishing our entire furniture product line as smart GDL objects at was extremely well received by the designer community," said Jarmo Laukka, Director of Group Marketing at Martela. "We are happy that Graphisoft has now decided to make access to this brilliant technology much easier."