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Graphisoft's Developer Partners Convene to Kick Off New Third Party Program

Another milestone in the evolution of the Virtual Building™ platform

Budapest, February 21, 2001 - The first Graphisoft Developer Partner Conference, held recently in Budapest, brought together third party developers from a dozen countries to discuss opportunities surrounding ARCHICAD and the Virtual Building™. Although ARCHICAD offers a rich working environment for architects, users often require additional functionality or object libraries to meet special needs. The availability of complementary products for ARCHICAD not only benefits users, but also represents a viable business opportunity for a growing community of developers, some of whom are users themselves.

"We want to create wide range of high-quality complementary products that increase user satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential that we support and help the third party developer community," said Bence Kovács, Graphisoft's Director of Product Marketing. "The conference clearly showed the strong commitment of Graphisoft's partners in enlarging the scope of ARCHICAD with tools required by the architectural community and the building industry."

During the two-day conference, Graphisoft presented the new Third Party policy, discussed its development directions with ARCHICAD and GDL Tools, and pledged its technical and marketing support. Participants also heard success stories from current developers, including Fabrizio Diodati of the Italian Cigraph, who developed two successful tools for ARCHICAD, ArchiTerra and ArchiForma, with plans for more. Campbell Yule of CADImage in New Zealand described a successful customization project.

Graphisoft also encouraged its developer partners to utilize the Internet to market and sell their products. Tamás Hinsenkamp of the AddOnStore and David Correia of Objects Online discussed their respective e-commerce sites and invited developers to represent their products on their websites.

Based on the success of this first event -- which all participants agreed created an invaluable environment for the exchange of ideas -- the Developer Partner Conference will become a regular event.