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IFC 1.5.1 Add-On Available for ARCHICAD

Graphisoft has been a member of the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) since1996, paying close attention to adhering to its Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). For users, this means that they can safely work in ARCHICAD without fear of being isolated from consultants/clients using other software. Industry-wide and continuous sharing of information between CAD (and non-CAD) applications for the life-cycle of the building is the goal of the IFC.

The Exchange of IFC 1.5.1 (of the "carcass" of a building) is a meeting point for architects, structural engineers, HVAC engineers, cost estimators, developers, facility managers, etc.

ARCHICAD was recently certified by the IAI as compliant with the IFC 1.5.1 standards; the only other CAD companies to receive this certification at this point are Autodesk and Nemetschek. The testing process confirmed that files generated in ARCHICAD could be understood by the other applications, and vice versa, and that the same objects were generated. The applications also had to meet the requirements of the IFC Express model, which includes constraints on the values of the building component attributes (e.g., wall thickness must be greater than zero).

Click here to read about and download the free IFC 1.5.1 Add-On.