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Graphisoft further commits to IFC open standards

Virtual Building pioneer Graphisoft NV, strengthens its commitment to IFC open standards by partnering with EPM Technology bringing significant increases in data transfer speed and allowing centralized data filtering to enhance IFC benefits.

Budapest, November 05 - Graphisoft® continues to reinforce its commitment to open standards Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) across the design and construction sector by announcing its partnership with EPM Technology and the adoption of EPM's leading EXPRESS Data Manager™ technology.

This new EXPRESS Data Manager™ communication platform hugely boosts IFC execution times, and streamlines workflow between design and contractor, placing IFC firmly in the mainstream for architect practices whose clients expect to maximize the value of their building data for years to come. Furthermore, it reduces critical data transfer bottlenecks on large projects through a central storage point which allows data filtering to send only relevant building data to the third party. The result - faster and more mainstream interoperability between the Virtual Building™ data and a growing range of third party design, estimating, analysis and construction add-ons. IFC allows the model's data to be more commercially usable as it can be directly utilized by engineering consultants, contractors, and facility managers at all stages of the project to maintain coherence between design and analyses information coming from multiple sources.

"When licensing EPM's EXPRESS Data Manager™, Graphisoft chose a strong, expandable engine to support the platform developments of IFC 2x and beyond. EPM tools simplify our efforts to support the upcoming editions of IFC and meet expanding customer requirements in an elegant, cost efficient way," explains Tamas Hajas, Chief Technology Officer for Graphisoft.

Now, IFC add-ons for IFC 2x and IFC 2x2 support ifcXML™ format (ISO 10303 Part 28), besides regular IFC files (ISO 10303 Part 21). The whole process of file exchange has been optimized and speeded up from previous versions, boosting execution time three to four-fold, pushing the limits of viable file exchange significantly higher. For more demanding collaboration projects, IFC data can be directly transferred to remote data storage, (available separately from EPM Technology) where building information created and modified by unlimited IFC-enabled applications can be stored for collaboration and related usage.

EPM Chief Executive Officer, Jorulv Rangnes says: "Graphisoft is the leading virtual modeling solution provider certified on all published versions of the IFC. With EXPRESS Data Manager™ ARCHICAD® will be able to stay on top of the curve in supporting IFC developments and serve the largest, most demanding customer's projects."

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