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Graphisoft at the IFMA's World Workplace Europe 2001 held in Innsbruck June 17-19, 2001

BUDAPEST, June 18, 2001 - Graphisoft launches ArchiFM 7.0 and ArchiFM 7.0 WebServer in Innsbruck during the most important Facility Management conference and exhibition in Europe.

ArchiFM 7.0 and ArchiFM 7.0 WebServer's full feature set are being unveiled this week at World Workplace Europe 2001, the conference organized by IFMA (International Facility Management Association). World Workplace Europe 2001 is the most important Facility Management conference and exhibition to take place in Europe during 2001. More than 500 attendees are anticipated to visit the sessions and the exhibition to meet and discuss principles and theories from the workplace industry's most respected organizations and see the latest in products and services available to Facility Management professionals in Europe.

Graphisoft, as one of the leading developers in the CAFM field has been invited to present a lecture in the conference section of the event. Mr. Jozsef Czerny from PricewaterhouseCoopers, IFMA member will offer an introduction to the regional specialties in facility management and give a comprehensive overview of how the different parts of an advanced FM system -- from financial control through the space and maintenance management to the 3D visualizations of the buildings -- can be addressed effectively through an integrated 3D database, the Graphisoft Virtual Building model.

The exhibition booth (18A) of Graphisoft will also host the official worldwide launch of ArchiFM 7.0 and ArchiFM 7.0 WebServer, the latest versions of the CAFM solution from Graphisoft. ArchiFM 7.0 offers more features and enhanced efficiency for the users with improved maintenance management, more sophisticated connection to enterprise management systems such as SAP, Oracle etc, and new functionalities in tenant management amongst many more. ArchiFM 7.0 WebServer offers a radically new approach to FM management now optionally through the Internet. Firms to benefit from this web-based solution, are those which would like to reach the central facility management database, in addition to the HQ's management processing on the spot, from different facilities or corners of the world through the Internet or an Intranet. ArchiFM WebServer supplies the needs of a large company environment, where these sites can be geographically distant from each other.

ARCHICAD's sophisticated object model, user designed interface and powerful tools for data integration - for example DWG merge, the new IFC2.0 interface (see Graphisoft's website at and database connectivity) - gives ArchiFM users the most efficient methods to integrate external and disparate information into their working systems. This often de-emphasised task, involves significant labour and resources; ArchiFM addresses these issues and ensures up-to-date, accurate and appropriate data for effective management.

World Workplace Europe 2001is held in Innsbruck Congress Centre from June 17 to 19. More information about the event can be found at