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Animated glass façade leads to exclusive design distinction

Budapest, January 30 - Lánchíd 19 Hotel of Budapest has been granted membership to the Design Hotels chain - an exclusive club for hotels with unique architectural and interior design solutions.

The hotel is situated in the narrow belt between the Castle Hill and the Danube River, facing the symbolic Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary. The main architectural feature of the hotel is its animated glass façade facing the Danube.  Glass lamellas making up the surface are in constant motion, reacting to their environment.  The lamellas can move together or individually, as huge waves mirroring the ripples of the Danube. At night, the façade is lit up with thousands of LEDs exposing a second and a third layer of the surface.  The color of the light is constantly changing with movements in the outside temperature.


The architectural design was done in ARCHICAD by Péter Sugár and László Benczúr Jr. of Radius B+S. The façade design was created by talented young artists at Szövetség 39 and Nextlab, in cooperation with the architects.