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London BIMStorm Competition Won by "BIM Vikings"

Norwegian ARCHICAD Team Brings Home "Best Overall" and "Multidisciplinary Design and Constructability" Awards

Budapest, 30th June 2008 - "Build London Live" on June 24-26 - the 8th station of the BIMStorm series was completed.    12 teams competed from around the world, including teams from the UK, US, Korea, Finland, Chile, Japan and Norway.

The BIMStorm competition is a 48 hour virtual design collaboration.  The site for the design was in the Thames Gateway Area of London, the most densely populated, highly congested, economically active, development pressured region within the UK. Teams were given the task to work on a mixed use development, where people may live, work, play and prosper together in a genuine mixed urban environment.

Team "BIM Vikings" assembled an impressive team of multi-disciplinary solutions, with ARCHICAD at the heart of their design operation.  The participants included:

This wide range of solutions provided the team with fast and up to date information between disciplines what were working in parallel throughout the project.  Information was created only once and used through the entire competition. According to the judges, "Team BIM Vikings won the Multi-disciplinary Design and Constructability because of the wide range of organizations, disciplines, and applications used plus the outstanding use of BuildingSMART standards."