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ARCHICAD "Carbonized" to Run Native on Mac OS X

Graphisoft confirms its support of the next generation operating system

Budapest, Hungary (November 20, 2000) -- Graphisoft today announced that it will support MacOS X, Apple's next generation operating system. ARCHICAD will run native in the Carbon environment, meaning it will take full advantage of all new system services, and optionally run on MacOS 9 with no loss in performance.

MacOS X features state-of-the-art technology throughout, including advanced Internet and graphics technologies, a new user interface named Aqua, and an open-source UNIX-based foundation named Darwin.

"Graphisoft began developing for the Apple Lisa, and has been committed to staying current with all MacOS version upgrades since the Macintosh debuted in 1984, including being one of the first to develop a native application for the PowerPC chip," reports Graphisoft's Chief Technology Officer László Sparing. "We have a very strong and loyal Macintosh user base. With the carbonization of ARCHICAD, they will receive tremendous gains in usability thanks to a stable multi-tasking environment and true memory protection."

Major MacOS X features, and how they will affect ARCHICAD:

Apple released a preview version of MacOS X Public Beta, in September 2000. The beta includes many applications, including Apple's new Mail client (IMAP and POP compatible) and new versions of the QuickTime player and Sherlock Internet searching tool, as well as a beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the most popular browser for the Mac.