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Graphisoft shines Spotlight on successful Apple collaboration on Mac OS X Tiger

Following close development work with Apple, Graphisoft announces excellent customer feedback and product interoperability from its free Tiger plug-in for ARCHICAD, downloadable from the Graphisoft website.

Budapest, May 19, 2005: Graphisoft announces glowing market feedback following months of development work with Apple® Computer Inc., carried out prior to its new Tiger™ (10.4) Operating System roll-out. The tie-up has resulted in a uniquely close relationship with Apple’s Spotlight search technology among CAD software, which enhances the workflow of MAC-based architects using the ARCHICAD Virtual Building™ solution.

Tiger’s Spotlight search technology operates at a deeper level within ARCHICAD® through a plug-in, which allows MAC-based designers easier access to searchable data within project files. “The ARCHICAD working experience just keeps getting better!” confirms Joseph Trott, of Van Meter Williams Pollack architects. “Now with ARCHICAD and Apple’s new operating system, Graphisoft's integrated use of Spotlight adds even more fluidity to the design and working process. I now have easy access to an incredible stack of data with in all my numerous project files right at my finger tips."

Russ Sanders at The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership is experiencing the same benefits: “Not only does Apple’s Spotlight feature enable me to quickly find files, it can also peer inside my ARCHICAD files to find information. Apple and ARCHICAD continue to impress me with the clarity and power of their interface.”

The Tiger plug-in allows all the information that is filed in ARCHICAD Project Info and PlotMaker Layout Book Info dialogs to be searched and easily reached with Spotlight. In the case of TeamWorkTM projects, Spotlight can provide information on workgroup members as well as on connected members, last user and version information! You are able to search those ARCHICAD and PlotMaker project files that were created on a Windows® platform. And you can even track down information using ARCHICAD layer names in any ARCHICAD project on your machine. Simply type the layer name and Spotlight will provide you the list of all those ARCHICAD project files that have the specified layer.

“Apple has done a great service to developers with this revolutionary technology,” explains Viktor Varkonyi, Vice President of ARCHICAD Product Development. “Instant access to information ensures the most fluid and effective project progression. This Apple collaboration has been a terrific experience for our developers – while providing enormous value to customers, our plug-in was actually great fun to produce.”

The plug-in itself can be downloaded freely from the Graphisoft website: