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World's first seamless integration of organic shape modeling within Virtual Building technology

MaxonForm add-on to ARCHICAD allows simple integration within the model, and its documentation, of "organic" design vision

Budapest, July 07, 2005 - At the forefront of virtual design, ARCHICAD® can now seamlessly deliver on one of the most visible trends of contemporary architecture - organic building design - and meet every architect's wish for total freedom to design.

While ARCHICAD's modeling, documentation and workflow robustness are widely acknowledged, now organic flexibility can be easily integrated into the model, its documentation and construction data. This is due to Graphisoft's tie-up with MAXON Computer GmbH, a leader in free-form modeling and animation software, and developers of CINEMA 4D. The result - an organic modeling software called MaxonForm™, which runs on both Macintosh and PC, that has all the powerful modeling capabilities of CINEMA 4D, without rendering or animation. "CINEMA 4D's ease-of-use and stability is much admired by our large community of global users. MAXON's work with Graphisoft assures the key architectural facets of our popular product can now freely interoperate in the Virtual Building environment," says Product Manager Marco Tillmann of MAXON Computer.

MaxonForm, seamlessly integrated into ARCHICAD, is the world's first solution that allows the architect to push the boundaries of conventional design and deliver the benefits of the Virtual Building™. It will be shipped in mid-July.

"This is extremely powerful - total design flexibility, but delivered within the building's context rather than produced in isolation. The sculpted surfaces and features therefore evolve with the design - exactly the way an architect expects it to work," says Bence Kovacs, Vice President of Product Management at Graphisoft. "We have integrated free-form modeling into the entire design process."

The introduction of free-form modeling to ARCHICAD comes at a time when architects are increasingly expected to shape their building to produce emblematic designs. Using ARCHICAD in conjunction with MaxonForm,now any architect with a passion to move beyond traditional rectangular forms can do so easily, without giving up any of the benefits of the Virtual Building - such as coordinated documentation, accurate quantities and superb visualization. MaxonForm will also function as a graphical GDL editor, allowing "roundtrip-style" (ARCHICAD- MaxonForm -ARCHICAD) workflow for all architects.

"We have been longing for the freedom to be able to easily model complex organic shapes from within the familiar ARCHICAD environment," said Ben Wallbank of JRA (formerly HRA) in London. "MaxonForm promises to deliver just that... I can't wait to get my hands on it!" Dwight Atkinson, Canadian architect and MaxonForm beta tester agrees: "Every ARCHICAD user seeks ways to build sensual shapes, and this addition to ARCHICAD is clearly the gateway to superior form. The potential of organic modeling is clear to see, and any architect should be excited by MaxonForm."

The combination of ARCHICAD and MaxonForm is a powerful architectural solution tie-up in many ways:

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