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Georgia Architectural Firm Selects ARCHICAD Over Competitor Products Autodesk Revit and Microstation

A. Vincent Pope & Associates Chooses ARCHICAD as Core Virtual Building Modeling Software

Newton, Mass./Budapest, September 25, 2003 - Graphisoft®, developer of the Virtual Building™ concept, today announced that architectural firm A. Vincent Pope & Associates has selected ARCHICAD® as its primary tool for building design and modeling. The firm selected Graphisoft's ARCHICAD after reviewing products from Autodesk and Bentley.

A. Vincent Pope & Associates provides visualization studies for its clients, making the ability to design and document work in 3D an important component of this offering. The Georgia-based firm sought a software package that would empower its staff to create a virtual model of a building without adding complicated or unnecessary steps to the design process. The firm evaluated several different CAD software products, including Autodesk® Revit® and Microstation ® from Bentley Systems, and determined that ARCHICAD's Virtual Building model was the only software that would meet its needs.

"We wanted a tool that enabled us to keep all building design and documentation in a single, fully integrated file, including large-scale projects, without hindering our work or adding cumbersome tasks to the design process. Revit seemed to be duplicating what ARCHICAD could already do and was difficult to use for large designs ," said Anthony Pope, president, A. Vincent Pope & Associates. "Other programs like Microstation forced you through repetitious, time consuming steps that muddled our design and documentation processes. With ARCHICAD's Virtual Building model, we can focus on our designs without having to constantly move back and forth between files."

ARCHICAD enables building designers to create a fully integrated virtual model of a structure. Architects at A. Vincent Pope & Associates can use the Virtual Building to easily extract and revise the information they need, from sections and elevations to schedules, renderings and construction details. As the architects create their designs, ARCHICAD stores all building information in a central database. Edits and revisions made in one view of the design set are reflected and documented throughout the complete building model, cutting tedious drafting tasks from the entire process. Furthermore, all building elements, including doors, windows and columns, contain intelligent properties that enable them to relate and react to any changes made in the building environment.

In a recent renovation project of the pharmacies at Georgia's Grady Hospital, A. Vincent Pope & Associates used ARCHICAD's rendering capabilities to secure client feedback and approval quickly, and was very impressed with the results. "With ARCHICAD, we made a visual movie of our designs for the renovated facilities. The software helped us create the most polished rendering I've ever seen at a fraction of the time associated with other products," Pope said. "You would need to be a rocket scientist to accomplish that same task using other systems."

"The successes A. Vincent Pope & Associates have experienced testify to the value our software and its Virtual Building model deliver," said Al Moulton, president, Graphisoft US. "We're proud they selected ARCHICAD after such a rigorous evaluation of design and modeling technologies."