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Graphisoft links to new South African partner

Budapest, March 31, 2006 - Graphisoft, the global leader in Virtual Building™ solutions, have announced that Apix cc, a growing IT and CAD specialist selling across both Macintosh® and Windows® platforms, will distribute Graphisoft's award-winning suite of 3D architectural design products in South Africa. Apix cc, with its head office in Johannesburg, SA, will focus its activities in Gauteng, the major urban area of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

"Modeling a building in an accurate virtual space before its physical construction is essential for an architect to remain competitive  and well suited to the youthful and creative demands of South Africa's architects," says Apix Managing Director Daniel Pinheiro. "Apix will meet this demand with the energy and expertise necessary for such a revolutionary approach to building design, that's been successfully proven around the world."

Laszlo Drajko, Graphisoft Director of International Sales, sees huge potential for the Virtual Building concept and ARCHICAD® in southern Africa. "Apix is a welcome new partner for our growing team and regional presence. We expect our superb design tools for architects to contribute to great building designs - which are easier to visualize in advance, more accurate and more cost-effective to construct."

ARCHICAD helps users to win more business by assisting them to design more creatively, analyze earlier, generate documentation rapidly and efficiently coordinate projects both internally and externally. In a recent global Return-on-Investment survey, ARCHICAD on average was found to contribute 12% to a practice's profit, and lift productivity by 39%.

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