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Structural capability boost for architects

Graphisoft, Inter-CAD provide integrated software solution

ARCHICAD's smooth connection to AxisVM allows architects and structural engineers to analyze and modify the Virtual Building™ model in a familiar, user-friendly graphical interface.

Budapest, March 29, 2006 - Graphisoft announced today that its award-winning 3D building design solution ARCHICAD® can now share Virtual Building model data with the highly productive structural design solution AxisVM™. The data connection between the two applications is made via an IFC 2x2 interface. As a result of the integration, the load-bearing elements of the ARCHICAD model can be transferred directly into Inter-CAD's AxisVM. Civil engineers and structural designers can run analyses on the imported model or, if necessary, they can modify or redesign the structure with the help of the advanced structural design tools in a familiar and accessible user environment.

"One of the main strengths of ARCHICAD is it's easy to learn and use graphical interface, which provides a comfortable and effective work environment for architects tackle their design challenges." says Ákos Pfemeter, Graphisoft's Director of Product Management for the Architectural & Engineering Markets. "Many of the simple, yet intuitive, tools of the AxisVM user interface look and feel the same as their counterparts in ARCHICAD. The similarity of the two products ensures a smooth workflow between the architectural and structural design teams, and notably lowers the cross-over barriers between structural and architectural design."

"There is already a rich history of cooperation between our companies" says Tamás Deim, Director of Inter-CAD Ltd. "With the release of the AxisVM 8 version, we can introduce an even higher level of integration through to our mutual support of the IFC 2x2 standard. Using AxisVM with ARCHICAD shortens the time from design to construction, and allows architects to transfer their work from architectural modeling to engineering analysis modeling in the fewest steps."

Since both applications work with intelligent building structural elements, such as load-bearing walls, pillars, beams and slabs, the structural parts designed in ARCHICAD can be edited and analyzed in AxisVM with ease. AxisVM is a powerful and accurate finite element program that is able to perform a full building structure checking - including static, vibration, buckling and seismic analysis.

Communicating through IFC 2x2 is an intelligent way of data sharing - the same 3D Virtual Building model is used for architectural and structural design by companies using ARCHICAD 9 and AxisVM 8 respectively. The essential data used by both applications is always up-to-date, without the need for re-modeling. Meanwhile, the continuous interaction now possible between architects and engineers produces load-bearing structures that best suit the overall architectural design - a win-win situation.

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