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The Rice Daubney Group signs 3D Deal

Leading architectural firm, The Rice Daubney Group recently signed an agreement which sees them become one of the first major design firms in Australia to break away from traditional CADD (computer aided design and documentation) and use a revolutionary new software package enabling designers to work in 3D throughout the entire design process.

Written exclusively for architects and other building designers, the design software ARCHICAD¨ is best described as a building simulator.

Whereas most CADD systems currently in use basically replicate the output of the traditional drawing board, ARCHICAD¨ lets the architect forget about drawings and focus on the 3D solution. The result is a streamlined design process, virtual elimination of visual risk and a more cost effective building.

Clients will literally be able to "take a walk" through a 3 dimensional model of their building.

"ARCHICAD¨ removes the communication barriers of 2D drawing enabling our clients to better understand and participate in the design process. It's simple and immediate - everyone understands a picture," said Ian Simpson, The Rice Daubney Group's I.T. Manager.

"Designers and clients can sit down together and explore the options. Clients can test lighting and colour schemes, see how the building looks in context or measure how effective the signage is," he said.

"It is also a great sales and marketing tool. Our clients can use our 3D design to communicate with their clients. It's hard to get excited about a flat drawing but a 3D model you can walk through brings the whole thing to life and can really help clients to rent or sell their buildings," he said.
ARCHICAD is supplied by ArchiGraph Pty Ltd and is widely used in Europe and the USA. It has recently been chosen by the Hong Kong Government Architectural Service after an eight month selection process.

For further information contact:

Frances Frazer, The Rice Daubney Group
Phone: (1-612) 9956 2666
Fax: (1-612) 9959 3015