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ARCHICAD Firm Builds Disaster Relief Housing in Turkey

San Francisco, CA - Sept. 21, 1999

ARCHICAD user Tony Ruiz, CEO of Simple Building Products - a San Diego, Calif., based company producing ARCHICAD-based modular building systems that are fast, inexpensive and earthquake resistant - has assembled a team of architects, engineers and mechanics to provide disaster relief housing in Istanbul, Turkey.

Their goal: To use Ruiz' ThinCrete® modular building technology to construct relief coordination centers and housing for as many people as possible in two weeks. "We're giving them the technology and at the same time teaching them how to build the structures," states Ruiz.

Project architect Dale Naigle won't physically make the trip with them but will work from his home office using ARCHICAD, allowing him to collaborate on the project over the Internet. In the field, ARCHICAD will be running on laptops enabling the team to make on-the-fly changes and provide 3D perspective and birds-eye views.

Ruiz explains the technology they'll be teaching the disaster victims, "The method we're using - ThinCrete - is a low-tech building system that goes up quickly and inexpensively. It's extremely durable and employs common metal studs as framing, which is then clad with common galvanized metal walls embedded into thin concrete. These structures defy earthquakes and are fire and vermin resistant." This system costs about USD $1 per square foot to produce, and the team plans to complete three large-scale structures in two weeks.

The team is scheduled to leave for Turkey on October 23, 1999, as part of an effort organized by the Nashville-based missionary group Servant Group International. They will build on three sites: Avcilar, Yalova and Halidere, all located on the outskirts of Istanbul.

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