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Volkswagen AG Implements ARCHICAD 8: Corporate Identity for Car Dealerships

Worldwide Implementation of the Software for Car Dealership Showroom Construction and Reconstruction

Braunschweig/Munich/Budapest, June 5, 2003 - ARCHICAD®8, the flagship of Graphisoft®'s product palette, is being implemented at Europe's biggest automobile group. The Dealership Building Consulting Division of Volkswagen AG will utilize the software for the construction/reconstruction of all their dealers' car showrooms worldwide. This means, above all, supporting dealership partners during the integration of VW company architectural elements, as defined by the automobile giant's Corporate Identity. After exhaustive tests and thorough analysis, VW AG opted for Graphisoft and purchased 15 ARCHICAD licenses to assist in carrying out its strategy.

With the benefit of ARCHICAD 8 and its incorporated GDL object technology, the Dealership Building Consulting Division's designers wish to further optimize their services for VW's car dealerships. According to Michael Schramm, Project Leader of the VW Dealer Building Consulting Division, ARCHICAD 8 will assist in gaining the confidence of the reseller partners, mainly by the rapid recording and registration of existing site conditions, and through swiftly creating realistic and workable presentations of outline concepts and on-site solution proposals: "The resulting combination of Fujitsu Siemens Mobile H Series laptop computers and ARCHICAD 8 was a minor revolution at Volkswagen, but each mouse click justifies our decision to implement ARCHICAD", said Schramm. "And, last but not least, the great service and competence of Graphisoft Nordbayern GmbH also convinced us of the necessity of selecting high-end communication and tightly defined standards in today's markets."

VW's aim is to benefit from ARCHICAD 8's wide-ranging capabilities with the definition of standardized preconditions for its planning teams worldwide, without having to sacrifice creativity or the ability to create tailored architectural solutions. GDL Object technology, which provides highly parametric building elements for CAAD planning tasks, will play a crucial part in this.

"I have rarely witnessed such a highly motivated team of architects during a training course. Right up to the last minute, the VW Building Construction Center architects, whose role is to advise 12,120 dealer partnerships worldwide, concentrated keenly on the project", said Markus Denzlinger, Training Manager of Graphisoft Nordbayern GmbH, summarizing the three-day introductory familiarization course. The results spoke for themselves: already by the last day, each participant had designed and visualized a new VW entrance portal. "Due to the total support and commitment of the Management of the VW Dealership Building Consulting Center, ARCHICAD 8 will be very swiftly integrated into the company's workflow", said Stefan Schrenk, Executive Manager, Graphisoft Nordbayern GmbH.