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werket arkitekter AB chooses ARCHICAD

Budapest, June 2, 2009 - After a deep analysis of different BIM-software on the market the choice fell upon Graphisoft’s flagship ARCHICAD. Werket will use ARCHICAD to cover all the companies processes related to BIM in order to further strengthen their position on the Swedish architectural market.

- We see clear advantages in choosing a mature and proven system like ARCHICAD, says Owjan Pourmetrahi at Werket. Infrastructure and Graphisoft Swedens competence together with the size of the user base where among the important factors in deciding. Graphisoft’s proven support for independent IFCs is also a very important fact that makes not only Werket but many other firms go with ARCHICAD as a future BIM platform.

Owjan points out that for Werket it was very important to have their users become productive very fast after changing to a new software with different methodology. Owjan continues “Architects make money on producing drawings. ARCHICAD has the methodology, support and knowledgeable users. To produce drawings and get them published is one of the strong “cards” in ARCHICAD.”

ARCHICAD has a well developed methodology and very knowledgeable technical support and in Sweden a very big part of the Architects are using ARCHICAD so it is very easy to find educated Architects that know the tool well.

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