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ARCHICAD 12 Patch for Java Update on Mac OS X 10.6

The component below addresses problems with ARCHICAD 12 and ARCHICAD Start Edition 2009 that occur after applying the Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3. We are providing this fix 'as is'. Due to the fact that we have only briefly tested the fix we recommend backing up the original 'JACKX.framework' component. If you run into problems you will be able to roll back to the old version. We only recommend installing this component if you have run into into either of the following problems in ARCHICAD 12 or Start Edition 2009:

You can read more about this bug in the Help Center article below:
Help Center

The steps for applying the Fix are:

  1. Download the JACKX.framework (76 kB) 
  2. Find the old JACKX.framework in the ARCHICAD 12/ Support folder and archive it to a different location.
  3. In the ARCHICAD 12 / Support folder replace the old JACKX.framework with the new one.
  4. Run ARCHICAD.