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ARCHICAD 7.0 System Requirements

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows® 98SE/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP
Macintosh® OS 9.0 or later OS X.1 or higher
more about OSX compatibility
Intel® Pentium, Celeron or compatibles

Intel® Pentium III, Pentium 4 or later; AMD® K7 Athlon, Duron, Thunderbird or later.
Power PC
Power Macintosh G3 or G4

Power Macintosh G4 [or later].
128MB minimum

256MB or more.
Hard Drive Space:
500MB minimum free hard drive space required for full installation. Free hard disk space after installation dependent on model complexity, more than 500 MB recommended for complex 3D visualization.
Video Card:
256 color with a resolution of 800x600 pixels(*) minimum

24-bit TrueColor with a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.
256 color with a resolution of 800x600 pixels minimum

24-bit TrueColor with a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.
17" high-resolution multisync monitor minimum.

19" or larger.
Memory Settings:
Turning on Virtual Memory can boost the performance of ARCHICAD (and is required by Windows).
We recommend to use the system's default virtual memory settings.
Plotter and Digitizer Drivers:
All major plotters, printers and digitizers can be driven directly from ARCHICAD and PlotMaker, including Benson, Hewlett-Packard, Calcomp, OCE, Graphtec, Houston, EnCad, Roland, Summagraphics, Selex, Texas Instruments, Mutoh, Mimaki, Versatec, Xerox and Wacom. No additional software is required.
(*) Note: ARCHICAD 7.0 can run on a display with a resolution of 640x480 pixels / 16 color (sometimes it has to be started in VGA Mode for verification purposes) but some dialog boxes do not fit on the screen, thus making the proper usage of the program impossible.