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Watch the ARCHICAD 23 world premiere from Las Vegas

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PDC Engineering wins 2019 buildingSMART International Award

The Queen's Wharf project, an outstanding example of an IFC-based Open BIM workflow by PDC Engineering, recently won the buildingSMART International Award in the Design category. GRAPHISOFT has been supporting PDC Engineering, as well as one of the lead designers of the project, Cottee Parker, to manage the connection between ARCHICAD and other software, including Nemetschek’s dRofus and Solibri.

Click to see the project’s finalist presentation here.

GRAPHISOFT CEO's First 100 Days

October 31, 2019 |GRAPHISOFT CEO

Nemetschek's "The First 100" series is back — this time with GRAPHISOFT's CEO, Huw Roberts, who talked about his first 100 days with the company and his vision for the future.

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INSPIRELI Award winners announced


Sponsored by GRAPHISOFT, an impressive 1,038 competitors with 887 projects in four categories participated in the world's largest student architectural design competition. In addition to awards for Architectural design, Interior design and Urban planning, the 4th INSPIRELI Awards focused on a special category: the chance to design the Czech Republic's embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Students from 38 countries submitted a total of 281 projects in this category alone. The winners of the embassy design competition are Jana Hájková and Kristína Boháčová from Slovakia. ARCHICAD licenses were awarded to all category winners.

Click to see the winning projects

ARCHICAD 23 improves the quality of designs: AECbytes review

October 25, 2019 |GRAPHISOFT AECbytes

In this AECbytes review, Lachmi Khemlani dives deep into the latest features that make ARCHICAD 23 a game-changer in the BIM business. "I was especially impressed with how robust, expansive, and well-thought-out the new features were—showing evidence of a concerted effort by the development team to think through a new feature and explore all possible uses and ramifications of it."

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GRAPHISOFT Webinar: Introducing the Twinmotion-ARCHICAD Direct Link

October 17, 2019 |ARCHICAD Twinmotion webinar

Award-winning Twinmotion is a real-time 3D immersion software that produces high-quality images, panoramas and standard or 360° VR videos in seconds. Developed for architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals, Twinmotion boasts an intuitive icon-driven interface. Twinmotion is extremely easy to learn and use, regardless of the size and complexity of the project, the materials, the user's IT knowledge or their preferred BIM modeler. Direct synchronization with ARCHICAD allows users to move from the BIM model to a VR experience in only three clicks! With the live connection, both the ARCHICAD and Twinmotion model are synchronized in real-time, enabling architects to edit the model and make design decisions on-the-fly, while all changes made in the ARCHICAD model are subject to an automated update process inside Twinmotion.

Join us on October 22 for a live workflow demo of the Twinmotion-ARCHICAD Direct Link, highlighting the award-winning features in this game-changing visualization software. There are three English-language events to choose from.

Registration now for the October 16 ARCHICAD - Twinmotion Webinar!

October 14, 2019 |Twinmotion webinar registration

Learn more about ‘Importing and working with ARCHICAD data in Twinmotion’ by joining the free webinar hosted by Epic Games. In this webinar, which will be held on October 16, Craig Barr, Technical Marketing Specialist at Epic Games, and Belinda Ercan, Product Manager at GRAPHISOFT, will demonstrate a simple and straightforward way to work with ARCHICAD data in Twinmotion using the new ARCHICAD-Twinmotion Direct Link. Register here.

Tagging feature is now available on BIMcloud

October 9, 2019 |BIMcloud

The latest version of BIMcloud offers the new ‘personal tagging’ feature, to help organize and categorize project/library items, in addition to using a folder hierarchy. On BIMcloud Manager, personal tags can now be freely created and assigned to projects and libraries. Create your own tags to match your workflow, and add colors to highlight them visually. Use the tags to search/filter the content of the project tree. Tags will appear in the BIMcloud Navigator. Learn more about BIMcloud here.

“BIM gives you the chance to do things right the first time…”

October 2, 2019 |KCC LINK Arkitektur

Elizabeth Meyer, BIM Manager architect at LINK Arkitektur in Norway, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. LINK Arkitektur works specifically on university buildings, hospitals and large-scale housing projects, in 16 locations throughout Scandinavia. They use dRofus in addition to ARCHICAD for their projects. Meyer believes that architects who use BIM can focus on the good things about architecture and be creative.

Watch the interview here…

Hot city, hot topic! Barcelona and BIM!

September 25, 2019 |ARCHICAD BIM

GRAPHISOFT in collaboration with SIMBIM Solutions (GRAPHISOFT distributor and exclusive training center in Spain) is organizing an international BIM Manager training week for end users in Barcelona, Spain, on November 25-29. Learn about BIM Office Management, ARCHICAD Template Creation and BIM Project Coordination, and become a GRAPHISOFT Certified ARCHICAD BIM Manager. The course is relevant to existing or future BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators and Model Managers. To find out more, visit the event website.

GRAPHISOFT ships award-winning ARCHICAD 23

September 23, 2019 |ARCHICAD Award shipping ARCHICAD 23

GRAPHISOFT announced today that ARCHICAD 23’s global rollout process has begun. The latest version of award-winning ARCHICAD vastly improves perceived performance of essential processes such as software startup, file opening, working in multi-project environments and switching between different views of the BIM project. The brand-new Opening, Column and Beam tools increase modeling accuracy and interoperability with engineering disciplines. In addition to today’s shipping news, based on the launch of ARCHICAD 23 in June and enthusiastic AEC industry feedback, ARCHICAD 23 has won the 2019 Architect’s Newspaper Best of Products award in the Tech: Design Tools category.

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