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World Class Rendering

Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, Canada | architectsAlliance | Photo © Ben Rahn / A-Frame

ARCHICAD 18 — World Class Rendering

The integration of CineRender, MAXON’s world-class CINEMA 4D rendering engine into ARCHICAD 18, brings high quality, photo-realistic rendering images closer to a much wider range of designers.

ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow

ARCHICAD 18 is the only BIM application that provides not only high-end, professional image quality thanks to the Cinema 4D rendering engine, but a very smooth workflow and an excellent user experience as well.

One-button “photo-shot” rendering can lead to the same high-quality results with the same ease as with tweaking numerous sliders and parameters, allowing novice users to create professional renderings. Professional users can use all the advanced rendering settings of ARCHICAD, or continue the project visualization in MAXON Cinema 4D.

ARCHICAD 18 — World Class Rendering
ARCHICAD 18 — World Class Rendering

ARCHICAD 18 provides a wide range of professional surface material catalogs right out of the box. Users with an active subscription license may download additional surface materials free of charge from the portal. The entire surface material set of MAXON’s Cinema 4D is also available.

ARCHICAD 18 provides brand new lamp objects enhanced with new light settings: parallel light, area light and window light sources can be applied. The standard, IES Light format can also be assigned to ARCHICAD’s lamp objects, ensuring manufacturer-specific photometric distribution for lighting.

ARCHICAD’s live rendering preview and background processor support make the rendering workflow a smooth, uninterrupted process.

  • Introducing CineRender
  • Surface Materials Overview
  • Test Scene for Calibrating the Surface Material
  • Creating a High-end Concrete Surface Material
  • Creating a High-end Wood Surface Material
  • Surface Settings: Transparency
  • Surface Settings: Environment Channel
  • Environment Effects
  • New and Enhanced Light Sources: IES Light
  • Lens and Filters
  • Depth of Field
  • New and Enhanced Light Sources: Sun Object
  • Rendering an Exterior Scene
  • New and Enhanced Light Sources: General Light
  • Surface Settings: Bump, Normal and Displacement
  • Surface Settings: Luminance channel
  • Surface Settings: Grass
  • Global Illumination
  • Caustics
  • Working with Shaders
  • New and Enhanced Light Sources: Area Light
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Surface Settings: Glow
  • Rendering an Interior Scene
  • Color Mapping, Color Correction
  • Vignetting

ARCHICAD 18 INT sample projects

Please download the ARCHICAD 18 INT sample projects — presenting the CineRender surface, light and photorendering settings as displayed in the feature clips!

Want to know more?

Please watch the recording of the ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow! and the
ARCHICAD 18 meets Cinema 4D live online seminar events.