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Integrated BIM Workflows

Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, Canada | architectsAlliance | Photo © Ben Rahn / A-Frame

ARCHICAD 18 — Integrated BIM Workflows

ARCHICAD 18 unveils substantial enhancements to its existing workflows, proving that listening to customers is of primary importance when assigning development resources at GRAPHISOFT.

Natural Constraints

Enhanced PDF Support

BIMcloud® Integration

ARCHICAD 18 — Natural Constraints

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Please watch the recording of the ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow! and the
ARCHICAD 18 meets Cinema 4D live online seminar events.

GRAPHISOFT invented BIM in 1984 by developing ARCHICAD specifically for architects. ARCHICAD 18 offers a set of natural constraints that feel so smooth you won’t even realize they’re there! ARCHICAD 18 offers a rich set of Natural Constraints:
Smart Vertical Model Constraints work the way architects think. The ability to link elements to neighboring stories gives architects the speed and power to modify the building height, the height of single, or multiple stories, and never worry about inconsistencies. Walls, columns and zones can all follow those changes in floor height.

ARCHICAD 18 — Natural Constraints
ARCHICAD 18 — Enhanced PDF Support

Composite structures can connect in great ways with a single command. Adjusting the core of adjoining composites to connect leaves no residue, only the cleanest junctions.

Connected to individual elements, smart model constraints combine and work on convenient solutions to keep architects focused. Smart Constraints are also available between Elements.

Enhanced PDF Support

ARCHICAD 18 offers a smooth, PDF-based workflow and improved PDF-based data exchange by introducing BIM-related intelligence and data hierarchy into Adobe’s Portable Document Format.

ARCHICAD 18 can directly export the documentation set in PDF-A (archive) format and, in addition to supporting PDF import and export, also provides advanced handling of layers and drawing elements in an intelligent way, making PDF truly collaborative data.

The PDF Attribute conversion options allow users to fine-tune the representation (pen, font conversion and attributes) of the imported PDF files; 3D project content can also be included in the exported PDF sets.

ARCHICAD 18 — Enhanced PDF Support
  • PDF Export Enhancements
  • Flexible PDF Editing Options
  • More videos will be available soon!
  • Managing Layers of Imported PDF
  • Exporting Layers to PDF

BIMcloud® Integration

ARCHICAD 18 offers industry-first, real-time BIM collaboration regardless of the size, location or set-up of the collaborating team.

The true potential of BIM is best realized through a team effort with several contributor collaborating on the same BIM data. Cloud integration allows the ARCHICAD team to soar without limits. With the help of its mobile integration through the cloud, all stakeholders of the design-build process can actively participate in the collaborative work.

GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud Solution goes far beyond basic cloud services offerings available on the market today. It is an all-round cloud-based collaboration solution providing the complete software layer necessary for deployment on premises as a private cloud solution or in the public cloud as a cloud service.

By design, GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud is suited for even the most stringent enterprise-level workflow and security requirements to provide a suitable solution for companies where collaboration is a critical part of conducting everyday business.


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Other Enhancements

  • Building Materials: New Parameters
  • Building Materials: Transparency Enhancements in 2D
  • Building Materials: Transparency Enhancements in 3D
  • Building Materials: Transparency Enhancements in Sections
  • New Building Material-Related Fields in Element and Component Schedules
  • Column Display Enhancements
  • Wall Surface Assignment Enhancement
  • Dimension Enhancements
  • Improved Feedback on "Delete and Replace" Command
  • Enable Overwriting Attributes by Name
  • Editing of Multiple Elements with Realistic Graphical Feedback
  • Editing Multiple Polygon-Based Elements Simultaneously
  • Messaging Improvements in Teamwork
  • Simplified Library Object Settings
  • New Library Objects
  • New General Light Sources
  • Enhanced and New Lamp Objects
  • New 2D Trees and 3D Trees Enhancements
  • Improved Graphical Interface for the Elevator Object
  • Model View Options Improvements
  • Door and Window Improvements
  • New Multi-Sash Windows