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Manufacturer and Distributor: Cigraph S.r.l.

ArchiForma is an extension that uses API (Application Programming Interface) technology to add new functionality to ARCHICAD.
The Plug-in was designed and developed to give ARCHICAD users complete freedom in creating special shapes without having to use GDL scripting.
Designers often need to use complex shapes when drawing 3D representations of architectural details, decorative objects, doors and windows or other solids or surfaces that are difficult to create with the basic primitives available in the ARCHICAD Toolbox.
ArchiForma provides a new series of graphical primitives, commands and functions designed specifically to solve this problem, allowing users the freedom necessary for customising their projects and adding details as desired.

System requirements:
Cigraph Plug-ins run on both MAC and Windows (32 & 64 bit).
Software and hardware requirements correspond to those of the used ARCHICAD version.

ARCHICAD compatibility:
From ARCHICAD 10 to the latest ARCHICAD version.

Cigraph S.r.l.
Via Orsato, 38 Marghera 30175 VE, Italy
Phone: +39 41 932 388

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