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SOLO Edition



GRAPHISOFT® ARCHICAD® Solo is a powerful BIM solution designed for a single practitioner or a small firm. As you design, ARCHICAD captures all the information about your project in a central database from which the 3D model, 2D drawings, and documentation are quickly and efficiently produced. Intelligent model-based workflows for new construction, renovation, and retrofit projects provide automated, fully coordinated, and accurate documentation while eliminating costly, tedious re-work.

ARCHICAD 22 Solo provides a powerful BIM-based documentation workflow, simplifying the modelling and documentation of buildings—even when the model contains a high level of detail. It’s a full 64-bit application on both Mac and PC platforms with multi-processor support for optimum performance. Background processing, optimized scaling of multiple-core CPUs, and an improved central graphics unit result in peak performance and navigation.

Built-in Energy Evaluation

Built-in Energy Evaluation

GRAPHISOFT continues to innovate in “green” solutions, uniquely offering the best workflow for sustainable design integrated right within ARCHICAD. The built-in Energy Evaluation functionality is based on entirely new technology that allows users or designers to perform reliable, dynamic energy assessments of their BIM models. These evaluations rely on BIM geometry analysis and accurate, hour-by-hour online weather data of the building’s location.



ARCHICAD now includes a fully functional BIMx license in every installation! BIMx is the ultimate BIM project presentation application offering integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation. It enables designers to communicate and share projects with clients on both Windows and Mac workstations, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Service Agreement

To purchase ARCHICAD 22 Solo Edition, contact an ARCHICAD Reseller.

Version Compatibility

Available in

  • File compatibility with full ARCHICAD
  • Publisher
  • Interactive Schedules for Bill of Materials
System requirements

Not supported in
ARCHICAD 22 Solo Edition:

  • Teamwork (no Teamwork features available; shared files cannot be opened).
  • CineRender Rendering Engine (Solo does include ARCHICAD Rendering & Sketch Rendering)
  • License Borrowing.
  • Hotlinked Modules, XREFs -existing modules/XREFs are visible
Training Materials

Training Materials

An introductory level Training Guide package is available to support you throughout your early experiences with ARCHICAD. Download the ARCHICAD BIM Concept interactive training guide.