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for professional, real-time visualization

Work on your BIM project while displaying high-end visualizations on the fly, enabling informed design decisions and compelling client presentations. Recommended for architects, interior designers, urban planners and landscaping professionals to easily produce high-quality images, panoramas, and standard or 360° VR videos in seconds.

Watch in Action


Transform your ARCHICAD model into a compelling real-time experience with Twinmotion! If you are new to Twinmotion and live synchronization, check out Twinmotion 2019 today, free through November 2019.

Twinmotion will continue the pursuit of creating a powerful story-telling tool with an even better and visually enhanced version in 2020, and will be available free of charge for ARCHICAD 23 license holders.


1To run Twinmotion you will install Epic Games launcher.

Open any web browser, go to and click on the “Get it free until Nov 2019” tab.

2Create an account in

On the “log in” page, if you already have credentials, please log in or create a new account.

3Click on the “Download the Epic Games launcher button”.

To run the installer on Windows, open the EpicInstaller.msi; to run it on macOS, open the EpicInstaller.dmg.

4Open the Epic Games launcher, go to the Twinmotion Tab and click Install.

Choose "Install location" and complete the installation process.

5Download the Direct Link plugins for ARCHICAD.

On the Twinmotion tab in the Epic Games launcher, scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Download the plugins” button. From the drop-down menu choose the right version of your operating system and download it. Run the installer, and at the “Installation Type”, select the desired ARCHICAD version. We can install it to more versions at the same time.


ARCHICAD - Twinmotion Webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar aired on October 22, 2019, and learn how to start creating professional design presentations using the ARCHICAD-Twinmotion Direct Link. Get to know RIFT Architects of Norway, how designed the Nordre Jarlsberg Brygge marina, presented in the demo.

ARCHICAD - Twinmotion Direct Link

Learn more about the ARCHICAD - TWINMOTION live connection and how you can edit the model in real-time, make design decisions on the fly and create breathtaking renderings quickly and easily.

How to install the ARCHICAD - Twinmotion Direct Link

Learn how to install the ARCHICAD – Twinmotion Direct Link step by step, with explanations for both Windows and macOS, and launch Twinmotion.

Getting started with the ARCHICAD - Twinmotion Direct Link

Start working with ARCHICAD - Twinmotion Direct Link: watch the example and find out how to create your first rendering project, how to customize the general settings, and how to synchronize.

Interview with Craig Barr, Epic Games Technical Marketing

Watch our interview with Craig Barr from Epic Games’ Technical Marketing Team to learn about the collaboration between GRAPHISOFT and Epic Games, and the seamless workflow of the ARCHICAD - Twinmotion live connection.

Find Out More and Download

To learn more and to download Twinmotion 2019, please visit the Twinmotion site.
To download the latest version of ARCHICAD, please visit the GRAPHISOFT downloads site.
For help, resources and the community forum, please visit