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CodeMeter Protection Key Updater

Starting with version 5.0, CodeMeter driver supports devices that conform to the USB Human Interface Device (HID) class specification. As an alternative option to the Mass Storage Device status, CodeMeter hardware keys can now be displayed as HID without a drive status.

With the macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), Apple introduced strict policy regarding the USB devices which use Kernel Extension. CodeMeter hardware keys distributed by GRAPHISOFT use Kernel Extension 3G. In order to keep the stability and flexibility of our protection keys, they must be configured as HID (Human Interface Device).
The Key Updater automates the proceedure described in this Help Center article and supports both Windows and macOS.

Launching CodeMeter Protection Key Updater


Locate the desired OS version in the list below and launch the installer.

Note: For firmware versions below 2.02 the CodeMeter Updater will attempt to automaticaly update the firmware. In order to successfully update the firmware, you must enable the http communication on your Firewall or Antivirus application.


Application Version Windows Mac OSX Last modified
CodeMeter Protection Key Updater 1.0   58.0 MB   6.4 MB Jan 26, 2018


Important: When installing CodeMeter Protection Key Updater, you must be logged on as a member of the Administrator Group.

Double-click the downloaded executable file. The appearing UAC (User Account Control) window displays that this is an ArchiCAD 19.0.0 Update, but it will only upgrade the CodeMeter hardware license key and has no actual relation to any ARCHICAD version. After pressing Yes, the installer wizard will automatically start and guide you through the rest of the installation.

Mac OS X:
Double-click on the downloaded file to be automatically mounted by the system. Then double-click on the CodeMeter-Protection-Update application. The installer wizard will automatically start and guide you through the rest of the installation.