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BIMcloud 21 Update 5000 

This is a Preview version of an Update that is scheduled to be released soon.
This Update includes important fixes since the original release of BIMcloud.
New features introduced with this update:

  • BIMcloud continuously monitors the running status of the servers and displays notifications if there is an event which requires user attention. Notifications can also be delivered to the users’ email inboxes. BIMcloud notifies the user about:
    • High CPU/RAM usage
    • Low disk space
    • Shortage of BIMcloud User Licenses
    • New program update is available
    • New license update is available
    • Idle users in BIMcloud projects
Email based login
  • It is possible to use the email address while logging in to BIMcloud/BIM Server


Tested for: BIMcloud INT, USA, AUS and UKI
Last modified: Nov 6, 2017.



Installation Notes

* With an ARCHICAD client application you can connect either to a GRAPHISOFT BIM Server or to a GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Server. The current Update installer is able to update only BIMcloud. The Update for the ARCHICAD client applications and GRAPHISOFT BIM Server can be reached here.

List of Improvements in this Update

This Update is focused on speed, performance and stability enhancements and contains various fixes since the original release of BIMcloud.

Detailed list of improvements and fixed issues in ARCHICAD 21 and BIMcloud Updates