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QuickTime VR - Discontinued

QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) technology is not supported by Apple on 64-bit systems. The immediate effect is:

Since the future of QTVR technology is unclear, Graphisoft decided to discontinue QTVR Support in ARCHICAD 13. This has given us the opportunity to optimize the memory usage of the 32-bit version of ARCHICAD, enabling users to work with larger models. 

For creating navigable 3D Models for presentations, we recommend the far superior Virtual Building Explorer, available for Windows and Mac.

Deprecated QTVR Add-Ons

The legacy QTVR Add-ons for 32-bit Windows and Mac are available for ARCHICAD 13. Please understand that these will not be available for upcoming ARCHICAD versions.


Windows (32 bit):

  1. Rename the GSQuickTime.DLL to something else in the ARCHICAD folder.
  2. Put this downloadable GSQuickTime(inprocQT).DLL into your ARCHICAD 13 folder and rename it to GSQuickTime.DLL.
  3. Place the downloadable QuickTime VR 2.0 Engine.rvx into the Add-OnsVisualisation folder.


  1. Put QuickTime VR 2.0 Engine into the Add-OnsVisualisation folder.


ARCHICAD 13 Hotfixes will not update the QTVR Add-on, and will reset the GSQuickTime.dll. You have to download the files again and repeat the installation process each time after applying a Hotfix to ARCHICAD!


The Add-on is available in English only. This means that part of the interface in the QTVR movie generation process will be in English.


QuickTime VR 2.0 Engine (build 3013)
62 kB

94 kB
GSQuickTime.dll (build 3013)
47 kB