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License Activation and Management

As the user of ARCHICAD or other GRAPHISOFT program, you must have one or more protection keys, containing the appropriate license(s), in order to run the program. The License Manager Tool (LMT) can be used to manage the keys you have purchased, whether hardware-based or software-based:

  • A hardware-based protection key is a physical keyplug: either WIBU or CodeMeter.
  • software-based protection key is a software-based license key.
Note: When you buy a software key, it becomes available to you online, from your Company License Pool - a virtual repository where you can access all your purchased licenses.
Note: LMT is automatically installed with ARCHICAD.


License Manager Tool Functions

The License Manager Tool (LMT) enables you to carry out the following tasks on your Protection Key:

License Manager Tool User Guide

How to Activate Protection Key on old (32-bit) Systems

The License Manager Tool is a 64-bit application and will not work on old 32-bit operating systems. To activate Protection Keys on 32-bit systems use the following websites (requires java plugin):