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Need talented, young ARCHICAD users?

Need talented, young ARCHICAD users?

Need talented, young ARCHICAD users?

Generation Y is different. Borders don't exist for them. They live life outside a comfort zone, and computers are part of their DNA. That is why we think it would be a great idea to connect these young talents with offices that are looking for help. A win-win situation!

Internship without borders

GRAPHISOFT has launched the International Internship Program. We are looking for companies that could benefit from trained ARCHICAD users for a short period of time. To apply, please register. Then, we will check your company based on the data that you have given us.

Advanced ARCHICAD users

The International Internship Program is currently in Beta-testing phase. We will share the jobs with our German ARCHICAD Tutors. The ARCHICAD Tutor progam has been a success in Germany for many years. We train students every semester, who then take the latest knowledge back to school, and share it with their fellow classmates. Read more about this program here (German only).

For now, only German ARCHICAD Tutors can get into the ARCHICAD International Internship Program.

We hope to find great matches: a place for students to put their knowledge to work, and a valuable workforce for the companies.