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Cadalytic Media releases SpecifiCAD™ Beta for Graphisoft® ARCHICAD® delivering product content from the Sweets Network®

SpecifiCAD™ Delivers Relevant McGraw-Hill Sweets Network® Content on the BIM Desktop.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - February 13, 2008 - CADalytic Media, Inc. today has released SpecifiCAD™ beta for Graphisoft® ARCHICAD® 10 and 11. SpecifiCAD™ delivers relevant building product data to the designer's Desktop within the BIM environment using CADalytic Media's patent-pending technology. In its collaboration with McGraw-Hill Construction, CADalytic Media through SpecifiCAD™ delivers the functionality of the Sweets Network® to provide manufacturer content directly on the BIM desktop. Designers can quickly access CAD details, SketchUp™ 3D models, catalogs, three-part specifications, and Green information. SpecifiCAD™ for ARCHICAD® includes a powerful multi-hyperlink utility-linking to product data to design contents is easy using the SpecifiCAD™ linking interface. SpecifiCAD™ also delivers relevant Google 3D Warehouse™ content including the McGraw-Hill Construction Sweets3D Collection content to the Desktop.

"SpecifiCAD is a great productivity booster for ARCHICAD users because it delivers relevant building product content directly to the ARCHICAD desktop. Architects can spend less time searching for products and more time focusing on their designs," said Patrick Mays, Vice President and General Manager of Graphisoft North America.

1. SpecifiCAD™ delivers relevant product data for the component selected in ARCHICAD®. At any time, the designer can simply click on a hyperlink or icon in the SpecifiCAD™ Sweets Network® window to get more detailed building product information. Designers can then incorporate BIM and specification data back into their design documents.

2. Designers can link the desired Sweets Network® manufacturer's product web page to the selected objects by clicking the "Link" button in the SpecifiCAD™ Sweets Network® window. The "Edit/Follow Hyperlink" window allows the designer to manage and follow multiple links for a given component.

SpecifiCAD™ for other Platforms

Remember that SpecifiCAD™ is available for all major architectural software solutions. These versions all leverage the SpecifiCAD™ Sweets Network® and Google 3D Warehouse™ user interface.

SpecifiCAD™ Download Information

The free beta release of SpecifiCAD™ is available immediately on the CADalytic Media website:

Note that all versions are for the Microsoft® Windows® platform only.

CADalytic Media is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For additional information about CADalytic Media, please visit If you would like more information on this topic, please contact us at .