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Graphisoft and GIStec to Cooperate in 3D Modeling

Digital City Models Offer Many Benefits

BUDAPEST/Munich/Darmstadt, January 16, 2003 - Graphisoft®, a leading provider of design and building information management solutions, and GIStec/Frauenhofer Institute today announced an agreement to cooperate in developing solutions for 3D city modeling and GIS technologies.

GIStec, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Graphic Data Processing in Darmstadt, concluded a long-term partnership agreement with Graphisoft Germany for the development of applications and customized solutions. The new applications will integrate GIStec's In3D with Graphisoft's ARCHICAD® Virtual Building technology, with benefits for city modeling projects and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Areas of cooperation between the two firms extend to joint marketing and sales activities. The agreement anticipates developing a 3D GIS System that integrates GIStec's experience in data management of automated real estate maps (ARM) and 3D visualization in RealTime with the outstanding 3D modeling capacities of Graphisoft's ARCHICAD®. The 3D GIS System will produce a full range of added benefits for applications such as land registers and 3D modeling of buildings and facilities, and will achieve bi-directional integration of the Virtual Building by the CADD (Computer Aided Drawing & Documentation) data. Architects will be able to acquire comprehensive digital data of an existing construction site in 3D from the building authorities, and then integrate their building design and alternative suggestions into the digital city model. The 3D GIS System's advantages will extend to visualizations for public debates, 3D navigation of automobiles, mobile phones or PDAs, disaster management, noise pollution register, and tourist information on the Internet.

Graphisoft ARCHICAD's open data structure and file exchange, such as the IFC 2x standard (Industry Foundation Classes), enables extensive data export and import among a large variety of applications and professions. GIStec contributes top quality data management, integration of 3D data into the client's existing software structure, and technology for synchronizing 2D/3D data and for visualization, thus supporting data output to external users. Complementing ARCHICAD's intuitive visualization features, GIStec's In3D-Viewing offers exceptionally high-speed visualization and access to special supplementary data, making interactive exploration of 3D models possible. "The cooperation of Graphisoft and GIStec for comprehensive solutions will enable clients to create innovative 3D city models and to use them in tourism, marketing and economic development," said Dr. Uwe Jasnoch, CEO of GIStec.

"Now that Berlin and Hamburg have already used our technology for creating their digital city models, we expect GIStec/Fraunhofer Institute to further enhance the technology's benefits to our customers, which in turn will convince other cities and municipalities of the advantages of 3D city models," added Johannes Reischböck, CEO of Graphisoft Germany.

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