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New version ARCHICAD 10 declared an "awe-inspiring" release by beta testers

Architectural virtual design capability re-defined – model-based design at its best! New release ARCHICAD 10 has been declared by global testers as the closest virtual modeling tool to true architecture.

Budapest, April 26, 2006 - Graphisoft announced today that Graphisoft ARCHICAD® 10, the next version of its award-winning Virtual Building™ modeling solution, will launch on both Windows® and Macintosh® platforms during the first week in May.

"Our aim was to enable an unprecedented level of design freedom while staying within the Virtual Building framework of generating 3D geometry, quantity calculations and drawings. Our users are delighted with the result, and we expect many great buildings of the future to be shaped with ARCHICAD 10," says Akos Pfemeter, Director of Product Management. "In addition, the workflow and interaction improvements will have a direct and positive benefit on our customers' bottom line. This is simply a tremendous release!"

ARCHICAD 10 benefits include:

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During a comprehensive beta testing and validation process lasting four months, architects across several countries roundly praised their experiences with ARCHICAD 10. Mats Marquardt of Sweden's ÅWL captures the mood: "It is important to have a workflow without many obstacles - ARCHICAD makes you a better architect. When I saw ARCHICAD 10, I felt the same feeling of awe as when I first saw the 3D solution. This is remarkable... the most significant update so far!" Architect and tester Matthew Norris, from One 17 AD in the UK, likens ARCHICAD 10 to a BMW car: "It is a well engineered and thorough product which is not only comprehensive, but inspires confidence and delivers great enjoyment."

ARCHICAD has been designed from the outset to best suit the architectural workflow, and to support the way architects think and work on a day-to-day basis. Graphisoft has worked closely with its users to refine existing ARCHICAD functions to extend their competitive advantage. ARCHICAD 10 will further reduce iterative work, increase productivity and critically, allow users to design great award-winning buildings.

Large teams of architects or cooperating practices can rely on ARCHICAD's uniquely efficient documentation workflow in both 3D and 2D, to handle critical change management, project sharing and generate 2D site drawings. Now the entire design/documentation workflow is integrated within ARCHICAD itself, which updates instantly across the entire project book ensuring peace-of-mind, speed, and the most effective use of the model data. Scott Mackenzie of CUH2A in the US simply declares: "This really is BIM!"

ARCHICAD helps users to win more business by assisting them to design more creatively, analyze earlier, generate documentation rapidly and efficiently coordinate projects both internally and externally. In a global Return-on-Investment survey, ARCHICAD on average was found to contribute 12% to a practice's profit, and lift productivity by 39%. Matt Parkins of Crease Strickland Parkins sums up the advantage: "I feel strongly that ARCHICAD gives us an edge. We've achieved things our competitors couldn't in terms of timescale and presentation."


The International, German and US editions will be available from May. Most localized versions will be shipped shortly after. For information regarding the availability of ARCHICAD 10, please contact your nearest authorized reseller. To locate a reseller near you, visit: