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Graphisoft Announces ARCHICAD 11

ARCHICAD’s industry-first Virtual Trace technology speeds project delivery, while making access to Virtual Building technology available to a broader community of users.

Budapest, May 2, 2007 - Graphisoft® announced today that Graphisoft ARCHICAD® 11, the next version of its award-winning Virtual Building™ modeling solution, will ship on both Windows® and Macintosh® platforms mid-May. ARCHICAD 11 comes one year after the delivery of ARCHICAD 10, thus completing a move to annual product releases.

“There is no question that the BIM wave is gaining tremendous momentum. In this release, we paid particular attention to an invention that can help 2D users to migrate their workflow to 3D without losing the benefits that the 2D world provides” – said Viktor Varkonyi, VP, ARCHICAD Development. “Existing users will also benefit from the new Virtual Trace™ functionality as well as from the enhancements to our Virtual Building technology which brings even more modeling freedom and flexibility.”

Chuck Good-Man at Irwin Pancake Architects comments after applying ARCHICAD 11 to the firm’s projects: “I have used 2D software for many years and have recently been evaluating other BIM software. Suddenly, they are way behind and at Irwin Pancake, we are way ahead with ARCHICAD 11.”

ARCHICAD 11 Overview – The three main areas of enhancement are Coordination, Control and Virtual Building functionality, each of which provide users significant improvements in design, collaboration and drawing generation.

Coordination – helps users better coordinate documentation sets, work with the internal project team and work with external consultants.

Control – enables users to better control the quality and level of detail in documentation sets.

Virtual Building enhancements – increase the productivity and flexibility of working in the Virtual Building environment. A partial list of functionality includes:

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During a comprehensive beta testing and validation process lasting more than four months, architects from around the globe expressed their excitement about ARCHICAD 11:

Andy Meek, from HLP found ARCHICAD 11 especially useful for coordinating with consultants. “We had a school project up in Liverpool. Lots of curved walls with a fairly complex steel structure. Drawings went back and forth between our designers and the structural engineer. With ARCHICAD 11’s Virtual Trace function and the slider, we could have seen problems more easily and lots of time would have been saved.”

Daniel Grandy from Anshen + Allen: "ARCHICAD 11 addresses our firms concern for how junior staff can quickly, and independently, be trained to comprehend a virtual building model. With the aid of virtual trace they will develop an understanding of the 3-D modeling components in relation to a traditional 2-D set of design or construction drawings - a great benefit to our productivity."


The International, German and US editions will be available from mid-May. Most localized versions will be shipped shortly thereafter. For information regarding the availability of ARCHICAD 11, please contact the nearest authorized reseller. To locate a reseller near you, visit: