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Graphisoft ships ARCHICAD 5.0

Budapest, July 24, 1996

Graphisoft® released ARCHICAD® version 5.0 this month, marking a major milestone in the development of both ARCHICAD and CAD software for architects. As the practice of architecture evolves in the "Information Age," ARCHICAD 5.0 is an indispensable tool for architects to create, access, manage and communicate vital information about buildings. Available for both Macintosh® and Windows 95/NT operating systems, ARCHICAD 5.0 delivers dozens of new tools and enhanced features for faster, more efficient building design, visualization and documentation.

Among the many innovations and enhancements of ARCHICAD 5.0 are

"This release demonstrates Graphisoft's commitment to its users and the profession," commented David Marlatt, AIA, President of Graphisoft U.S., Inc. "Almost all of its features are the direct result of user feedback, focus groups and looking closely at the challenges facing the architectural profession and the building industry as they learn to put computers to work for them."
Also upgraded with ARCHICAD are PlotMaker version 1.6 and StairMaker version 3.0, utility software which often accompanies ARCHICAD. Graphisoft also began shipping a new ARCHICAD compatible terrain modeler, ArchiSITE, to add landscaping and terrain modeling functionality to ARCHICAD 5.0. Most third party developers have announced ARCHICAD 5.0 savvy upgrades for their products in the next 1-3 months, but all current third party libraries and add-ons will work "as is" with ARCHICAD 5.0.
Winner of the 1996 Editors Choice Award from Computer Graphics World and 1995 Editors Choice Award from MacUser, ARCHICAD is one of the premiere CAD software applications for the architectural and building professions. Its unique object-oriented technology and seamless integration between 2D drafting and 3D modeling, make ARCHICAD the ideal all around tool for both small and large architectural offices and building professionals. Launched on Apple® Macintosh in 1985 and Microsoft® Windows in 1993, ARCHICAD developed consistently, incorporating all of the latest relevant technologies as they have become available, and selling to more than 25,000 architects worldwide. Today, ARCHICAD is distributed in more than 80 countries and 19 languages for Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Windows 95/NT operating systems.
Graphisoft, developer of ARCHICAD, was founded in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary. Today, Graphisoft is one of the premier developers of architectural CAD software and employs approximately 120 people in offices in Budapest, San Francisco, Munich, Tokyo and Hong Kong. A privately held company, Graphisoft reported 1995 worldwide sales of $15M with pre-tax profits of $4.5M.

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