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Architects win one project and complete another, using ARCHICAD 9 before the product hits the market!

Budapest, September 07, 2004 - Graphisoft has announced the world's first project completed using its newly released ARCHICAD 9 Virtual Building solution - the Landis Hall project in Florida.

Gilchrist Ross and Crowe Architects (GRC), a highly successful practice, located in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S., has just completed the construction documentation phase of a 105,000 ft² renovation project of the historic Landis Hall, located on the Florida State University Campus. The project had a renovation budget of $15 million and was completed using Graphisoft's powerful ARCHICAD® 9. GRC signed up to test the beta version of ARCHICAD 9 as part of Graphisoft's ongoing strategy and commitment to include its customers in its global product development process, long before roll-out.

Using the ARCHICAD 9 beta version, GRC found the solution's stability soon gave them the confidence to use it throughout the live project. "The ARCHICAD 9 feature set was significantly better, and the beta version clearly stable enough to use on a real project," says Richard Crowe, Principal, GRC. "For us there was no risk involved. We never doubted that we could rest the firm's reputation and our customer's satisfaction on it."

GRC's goal is to provide excellent architecture by giving clients and projects alike the highest level of service by closely controlling the budgeting, design and construction processes. GRC is a highly productive firm which punches well above its weight. Often competing against far larger practices, GRC uses 3D modeling and a flexible approach to technology to win business.

But GRC is no recent convert, Crowe explains. "ARCHICAD has been instrumental in helping us win bids consistently for the last 8 years." And as for 2D specialists, or "flatlanders", as he calls them, "there's no competition really - if it's the Virtual Building™ up against 2D we will always win." ARCHICAD allows GRC's project bids to be highly competitive. "Our productivity per head is double or triple the average, and is attributable to ARCHICAD." Such productivity gains have ensured their small team keeps an average $20 million of construction commitments on the boards.

Landis Hall is the gothic cornerstone of the Florida State University Campus. GRC's approach was to keep intact and preserve all the major historic elements of the building, while renovating the student units into a new, fully equipped student residence hall. GRC provided advanced programming, master site planning, design and construction documentation, value engineering, reviewing the project's guaranteed maximum prices, and construction administration. Additional services provided included environmental permit application, design of the communication systems, interior design and furniture selection, and full-time site representation. The project was managed with an advanced demolition package. For their site planning services, GRC employed ARCHICAD 9's 3D Virtual Building solution for the massing studies.

GRC has firmly staked its future innovation and creativity within the ARCHICAD camp, and is winning ever larger projects. Having completed the Landis Hall design, GRC promptly landed the design contract for the 160,000 ft 2 Wildwood Hall Dormitory, commissioned by Florida State University, with a construction budget of $30 million. The winning design, including the structure and budget, were completed by GRC in just 5 days using ARCHICAD 9. The project was presented using a combination of 16 x 7 ft panoramic design-flow drawings and a 3D walk-through, all done in ARCHICAD. "The real attribute of the tool is that we could show the scale, articulation and form of the building. But ultimately, ARCHICAD is an amplifier for what we already know."

ARCHICAD 9 is to be officially released in mid-September, but projects are already underway globally, winning much acclaim. "The Landis Hall project is a case of a great design being communicated through accurate documentation and photo-realistic presentation - all at a competitive price..." explains Bence Kovacs, Graphisoft's Vice President of Product Management. "...we are delighted to play such an important role in helping our customers win more business. In addition to communicating great architecture and driving productivity with ARCHICAD, our customers also tell us that they are having great fun using it."