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Texas Designer, Jett Butler, provides imagery for the entire Graphisoft ARCHICAD 9 launch package

Budapest, September 06, 2004 - Jett Butler of FÖDA Group, Austin, Texas, U.S. is the designer behind the packaging, training guide and on screen imagery used in Graphisoft ARCHICAD 9, the Latest Release of the Industry-Leading Architectural Design Solution.

Graphisoft® is pleased to announce that the imagery used in the latest release of its industry-leading architectural design solution, ARCHICAD® 9, was provided exclusively by Jett Butler of FÖDA Group, an Austin, Texas-based architectural design studio.

Butler's image is present in almost every element of the entire ARCHICAD 9 package. It features on the outer and inner packaging, inside the training guide and Getting Started documentation and on many of the ARCHICAD 9 screens.

"It's a pleasure, an honor really, to have our work chosen for the packaging of ARCHICAD 9. We work hard to push the limits of both the formal components of architectural design - as well as our ability to illustrate them," said Jett Butler, Principal Designer, FÖDA Group, "so the idea that our work might migrate from a little studio in Austin into the larger world via ARCHICAD 9 is validation that we're on the right track."

The TARK TOWER was awarded the Beck Prize in Digital and Hybrid Media by a jury led by Hani Rashid, of Asymptote, in the Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation competition. Conceived, sketched, fully modeled then re-interpreted and developed as a conceptual project, TARK is a hybrid. FÖDA utilizes ARCHICAD as a bridge between graphic design and architecture.

"Jett's image truly matched our aspirations to depict ARCHICAD as the architectural design solution for the future," said Bence Kovacs, Vice President of ARCHICAD Product Management, Graphisoft. "The image conveys the sense of a truly bold, futuristic design, exactly corresponding to our desire to capture the mood of the ARCHICAD 9 experience - the industry-leading architectural design solution for now and the future. The ground-breaking features incorporated in ARCHICAD 9, combined with Jett's striking image, enhance the appeal of the entire product."