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Building Physics Module Developed for ARCHICAD

ArchiPHYSIK provides heat, damp and sound proofing design capabilities in one package

Munich/Budapest, February 01, 2001 - ArchiPHYSIK, developed by A-NULL, an independent Graphisoft distributor and developer partner in Austria, enables the examination of building physics at the level of building components, rooms and entire buildings. After the initial data input, all the necessary calculations and proofs can be made. The process is streamlined when the building geometry is imported directly from an ARCHICAD project file.

"Since its foundation Graphisoft has been pursuing an integrated approach in building construction," explains Johannes Reischböck, CEO of Graphisoft Germany and member of the board of Graphisoft N.V. "Our Virtual Building™ concept is meaningful for all professionals involved in building design, construction and maintenance. With ArchiPHYSIK, we offer a powerful tool for the special field of building physics."

The Vienna-based A-Null has been a Graphisoft distributor for 14 years. Their cross-platform tool can perform all calculations, deliver the necessary proof of building physics required by authorities, and publish the results in official forms.

A special library with more than 3,000 construction materials is included, so that individual building elements can be created, checked for heat, sound and damp resistance, and modified if necessary. ARCHICAD surfaces can be allocated to these building components, and ArchiPHYSIK calculates, e.g., the heating load, heating capacity needs, heating costs and energy balances of solar installations for the whole building. Moreover, for single rooms the standard heat storing capacity can be calculated.

"New building concepts are based on the inclusion of building physical dimensions in each planning phase. Locational factors like position, orientation or climatic values, and planning dimensions like heat loss, radiation sums and solar heating gains are also relevant for an optimised building design," explains Abraham König, director of product management at Graphisoft Germany. "ArchiPHYSIK gives planners the possibility to efficiently conceive an energy-saving building right from the beginning."