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ARCHICAD for TeamWork announced

Budapest, April 30, 1997

Graphisoft announces the release of ARCHICAD for TeamWork, a dramatic new method for architects to share the work of designing and drafting on a single building. Slated to release June 20, 1997, Int`l English/ US verisons of ARCHICAD for TeamWork will be available on both Windows 95/NT and Macintosh operating systems.

At one level, ARCHICAD for TeamWork is as simple as ARCHICAD itself. ARCHICAD allows architects to work intelligently; ARCHICAD for TeamWork allows many architects to work intelligently together. Similar in many respects to the document sharing functions in modern operating systems, ARCHICAD for TeamWork offers equal peer-to-peer access to a building project and object libraries. This allows members of a project team to work on separate parts of the same project, relatively autonomously, and merge their work into a master project file on command. No server software other than the operating system's network capability is needed.

"This is a tool for project teams in any size firm to work collaboratively," says Gyuri Juhász, Director of ARCHICAD Software Design. "It provides a living connection between the project and the other team members while maintaining the ability to work offline. No server software nor complicated set up are required. The architect simply defines his or her part of the project by story, layer and area and starts working as usual."

ARCHICAD for TeamWork uses high level file sharing and is both network neutral and network independent. In order to minimize network traffic and allow team members to work off-line, ARCHICAD for TeamWork does not require a permanent connection with the master project. In addition to minimizing the load across a local network, this has the added benefit of making collaboration feasible across a wide area network (WAN) as well. Access verification, revision logs, and automatic backup features are built into the software itself.

In addition to collaborative working tools, ARCHICAD for Teamwork will include several other new features to address the needs of large firms and projects:

  • DWG r13 and support of Xrefs on import/export,
  • Grouping/ungrouping, suspend groups, autogroup,
  • Ability to independently lock and unlock elements for added security,
  • Multi-level password protection and security,
  • Explode objects and Save as Object commands
  • RealVR™ and QuickTime® VR "virtual reality" engines on both Windows and Mac OS,
  • New GDL commands and features,
  • Trim command,
  • Open GL support, and
  • Faster rendering.

Current ARCHICAD users are already lining up in support of ARCHICAD for TeamWork:

Chuck Hill, Orcutt/Winslow Partnership, Phoenix, AZ, said "Graphisoft has taken a great product and made it even better. With projects becoming more complex and the need for information to be shared with more people, ARCHICAD for TeamWork will improve efficiency and document management."

"The Flexibility and simplicity of ARCHICAD for TeamWork are key attributes for our design team who work on large scale projects with tight deadlines," said Marty Ball, CCBC Architects, Inc, Phoenix, AZ.

"ARCHICAD for TeamWork shows that Graphisoft is committed to offering solutions to large architectural offices," comments Randy Seitz, The Core Group, Washington, DC.

"We're excited about the new possibilities this opens up for us to work collaboratively among our offices," said Bradley Skaggs, STUDIOS Architecture, San Francisco, CA.

Since its inception in 1984, ARCHICAD has been developed on the integrated "virtual building" model which contains all relevant information about the building in a project file and 3D object library. This single model is the common source for producing renderings, working drawings, animations, virtual reality scenes, and bills of materials simultaneously. Without compromising any of the benefits of working on a single, coordinated project file, ARCHICAD for Teamwork allows numerous team members to work simultaneously on the same project.

ARCHICAD is an integrated two-and three-dimensional CAD package for architectural design and the recipient of several awards including 1994 Best New CAD Software by MacUser Magazine (Eddy Award), "best architectural CADD" for six years in a row by the Boston Society of Architects, First Place Winner in the prestigious Computer Graphics World's 1995 Editors' Choice Awards and an Editors' Choice Award as "Best Architectural CAD Software" in last year's 3D Designers CAD Shootout.

Founded in Budapest, Hungary in 1982, Graphisoft develops, sells and supports ARCHICAD and other technology for the building industry. Available for Windows 95/NT and Mac OS, ARCHICAD is sold in more than 80 countries and in 19 languages. Graphisoft is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support to the architectural profession, universities and the almost 30,000 architects and builders using ARCHICAD worldwide. A privately held company, Graphisoft reported 1996 worldwide sales of $19.1M and is the #5 AEC software company on personal computers in the world according to Dataquest.

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