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Austria House of the Year Designed with ARCHICAD 

Budapest, October 31, 2007 - The breathtaking solid wood construction Schnitzer Bruch residence was named House of the Year by the Austrian State Secretary for Art and the Architekturzentrum of Vienna.  In addition to the house's radical modern design integrated into a hillside in the province of Burgenland, the house was awarded for its re-interpretation of classic alpine massive wood block construction.

The firm of Maaars architecture, Innsbruck ( began the design for this home in 2004 and the construction was completed in 2006.  "With a love for wood as the basic building material and a keen awareness of the latest possibilities for wood home construction, we pushed the envelope for this project," said Andreas Lettner, Founder & Principal.

A single level prefabricated hull made of massive wood fins was situated on a concrete basement, with overhangs facing south.  The wall construction is composed of wood fins with spigots and sockets.  Dried wood dowels were shot through the walls to provide strength.  Construction of the prefabricated skin, including the walls, roof and glass, was completed in 9 days. The heating is supplied with a woodstove in combination with solar-panels and a controlled air system which stores the energy in a buffer storage.