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Graphisoft Welcomes AutoCAD R14 Users to "Get Out of the Box" with ARCHICAD Promotion

Graphisoft Presents "ARCHICAD for AutoCAD Users" Road Show Across the United States

September 27, 2001 - SAN FRANCISCO - No one likes to be pushed around. So Graphisoft is offering a deal to AutoCAD R14 users who are being forced by Autodesk to upgrade their software. Instead of upgrading their AutoCAD software by January 2002, or be left the expense of buying a new copy of AutoCAD at full price to get the latest version, Graphisoft welcomes R14 users to consider a switch to their next generation, 3-D ARCHICAD 7.0 software product for their architectural design needs.

To make the move easier, Graphisoft is offering ARCHICAD 7.0 to AutoCAD users at the special price of $2,750-a savings of more than $1,500. Graphisoft is offering even better deals to firms purchasing multiple seats. R14 users do not have to trade in their AutoCAD software, just show proof of AutoCAD ownership. Users of other AutoCAD products like Architectural Desktop and AutoCAD 2000i, as well as other vendors' products like MicroStation, Arris or Allplan can take advantage of this promotion. AutoCAD LT is not eligible for the special pricing. This offer expires November 30, 2001 and is valid only for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

"We at Graphisoft promise to never, ever force one of our ARCHICAD users to upgrade," said Chris Barron, AIA, vice president architecture at Graphisoft. "We understand that upgrading to a new version of any software can be disruptive to your business. And, we believe that the timing of an upgrade has to occur when your project schedule dictates, not when your software vendor dictates."

ARCHICAD Seminars Nationwide To help architects and designers learn firsthand about ARCHICAD, Graphisoft is hitting the road in October and November to host "ARCHICAD for AutoCAD Users" informational seminars in more than 40 cities, big and small, across the country. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover more about the advantages of ARCHICAD, its ability to easily work with AutoCAD and DWG files, and its new level of design flexibility and documentation productivity. For dates, times and locations, please visit or call 1-888-314-5042 to register.

ARCHICAD is built from the ground up for architects. It is not an add-on to a drafting package. Its ease of use gives architects the freedom to design outside of the proverbial box-acting as a bridge to creativity rather than constraining users with cumbersome technology like some other CAD products. ARCHICAD's 3-D, object-oriented, parametric building technology means that architects are designing models with real-life, intelligent characteristics, not merely drawing lines. In addition, R14 users who switch to ARCHICAD do not have to worry about losing access to past AutoCAD projects. With ARCHICAD's state-of-the-art DWG read/write capabilities and transfer utilities, working with existing AutoCAD drawings is never a problem.

More than 100,000 architects worldwide have discovered the benefits of ARCHICAD and other products' of Graphisoft. This includes countless professionals who have switched from AutoCAD such as Lane M. Lythgoe from Heber City, Utah. "I switched over from AutoCAD a year and a half ago and have never looked back. ARCHICAD's software and support gives me more time in the design phase, which results in a better product for our clients."