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Bavarian Parliament Building Reconstruction Designed with ARCHICAD

The Bavarian Parliament selected the design of Berlin architect, Volker Staab

Budapest/Munich, October 2, 2003 - After a stringent selection process and extensive consultations on the reconstruction of its Assembly Room, the Bavarian Parliament has opted for the design competition-winning entry of Volker Staab.

When reconstructing the Assembly Room, the interior design of which dates from the post-war era, three main tasks had to be carried out: to change the Assembly Room's seating plan (the number of representatives having been reduced from 204 to 166); to provide a contemporary interior design, incorporating modern seating and state-of-the-art facilities for representatives and finally, to optimize the room's lighting and thus brighten up the atmosphere of the Assembly Room, which had been considered quite gloomy.

While paying respect to such a historical building, Staab took a cautious, though innovative approach to its reconstruction. The assembly room will be fitted out with a completely new interior, which has two main features: a glass "sky" and the reorganization of the Assembly Room's layout. The folding chairs of the post-war era will be replaced by modern seating. The glass sky, arching within the upper walls, will give the illusion of flattening out the steep proportions of the relatively tall and narrow room. As this pushes down the focal point of the light, a feeling of greater expanse in the room will be created. In this frame of light, Staab places a wooden shell, incorporating all the seating, the galleries and the rear wall.

The reconstruction of the assembly room, commencing in summer 2004 and to be completed in fall 2005, will be the Staab studio's second imprint on the Maximilaneum, Munich's historical Parliament district. For his design of the Representatives' Offices, an extension to the Parliament building, Staab won the 1995 Bavarian Architectural Prize of the Bavarian Association of German Architects (BDA).

The Staab studio has been working with Graphisoft's architectural software since 1994, and, in addition to the Bavarian Parliament reconstruction, has used ARCHICAD to design several prestigious projects, such as Nürnberg's Neues Museum and the Georg Schäfer Museum in Schweinfurt.