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Graphisoft Team Wins Grand Prize at “Build Live Tokyo”

Competition Highlights ARCHICAD’s Edge

Budapest, March 30, 2009 – “Build Live Tokyo,” a competition aimed at raising awareness of BIM (Building Information Modeling), was held February 25-27. Build Live is the Japanese version of the international BIM Storm event. Graphisoft Japan was part of the Skunk Works team, led by Maeda Corporation, which won the Grand prize.

The six participating teams were tasked with designing an environment technology research center, including a collaboration research facility, conference center, and exhibition space, at the Tokyo Bay site. Three out of the six teams were using ARCHICAD.

Graphisoft Japan was a member of the Skunk Works team led by Maeda Corporation Building Design Department.

The Skunk Works team tackled the time-limited task by implementing an impressive BIM workflow and brand-new technologies. Right from the start, they produced small-scale models using a 3D printer. The final presentation included a VBE (Virtual Building Explorer) file – a newly released Graphisoft feature for use with ARCHICAD - to enable the judges to view the building in 3D.

The jury members especially appreciated the high level of detail and thoroughness involved in the end product submitted by Skunk Works.

“As the design process progressed, it incorporated the results of the light, shadow, wind, construction and other simulations. The team developed a BIM process which is transparent and trustworthy.” The juries commended the Skunk Works submission in the categories of “Professional BIM” and “Design Build BIM”.

Team Skunk Works included professionals from:

Build Live Tokyo was organized by the Japan Association of the buildingSMART™ International Alliance for Interoperability.

Images and comments of the juries from the competition can be viewed on the Build Tokyo Live website (Japanese).

Maeda Corporation: