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ARCHICAD 7.0 Selected for CADENCE Magazine's Editors' Choice Award

For the year-end award, Graphisoft's flagship product, ARCHICAD 7.0, holds its position in the winner's circle

Budapest/San Francisco, December 03, 2001 - Graphisoft is proud to announce that ARCHICAD 7.0 has been honored for a second time this year in the CADENCE Editor's Choice Awards. In the December issue of CADENCE magazine, the Editors praise ARCHICAD's ProjectXChange functionality for raising the bar of excellence in the CAD industry.

"Many CAD products on the market have basic 3D modeling capabilities, but it is the productivity gains that come from automated tasks such as generating construction documents - floor plans, elevations and schedules - that set ARCHICAD in a class above the rest," said Chris Barron, vice-president of architecture for Graphisoft US. "We're pleased to see that CADENCE's editors acknowledge such differences. Their specific recognition of ProjectXChange is a perfect example of this."

ProjectXChange is a seamless approach to managing project workflow via the Web. Using the trio of ProjectXChange tools - Publisher, Reviewer and Mark-Up - ARCHICAD projects make a roundtrip to the Web and back without the use of cumbersome third-party hosting solutions or additional applications.

ARCHICAD "exemplifies the highest innovation, creativity, simplicity, and ease-of-use to be found in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) Industry," reports CADENCE Magazine's Editorial Staff.

With the recent update, ARCHICAD 7.0 r2 is Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible, and includes a Microsoft-style help and enhanced DXF/DWG interface with an option to transfer dimensioning data in WYSIWYG or in 'true dimensions' mode.

Further details are included in the cover story of CADENCE magazine's December issue as well as on the CADENCE web site.