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Graphisoft announces its Virtual Construction line of products and services

The world's first commercially available 5D Construction Management system

Budapest, October 04 - Graphisoft® announced today a set of applications and services that will fundamentally change the way construction planning takes place. Graphisoft has introduced a new product line-up which includes construction modeling, model-based estimating, 4D sequencing and 5D cash-flow analyses. The product line is based on six years of research, development and production by YIT Corporation, market leader in the Finnish construction sector with net sales of €2.39 billion.

"The construction industry is ready for dramatic change. Up to 25% of any construction project is waste. In North America, construction is the only non-agricultural industry that has seen a consistent decline in productivity over the past 40 years. Our goal is to take 2-3% or more out of the cost of every building project that employs our solution. We are getting tremendous feedback from early users throughout the world," said Dominic Gallello, CEO of Graphisoft.

"Virtual Construction™ is about winning more business and increasing predictability," said Clay Freeman, Director, Construction Solutions, Graphisoft. "Winning more business is achieved by reducing the time and cost required to prepare a bid, and by creating more compelling presentations by using cost and time simulation. Predictability is increased with more accurate estimates, the ability to better analyze schedule alternatives, and closer synchronization of changes between design, cost and schedule."

Graphisoft has been working closely with key customers on live projects over the past year, to insure that its Virtual Construction™ patent pending solution achieves the results that the industry has been looking for. Among these are California-based Webcor Builders and YIT Construction Ltd., subsidiary of YIT Corporation.

"Graphisoft's software and services offerings are revolutionizing the way we plan projects. The tools provide a quantum leap in our ability to collaborate with the architect and the sub-contractors, leading to huge reductions in the inefficiencies, waste, and rework that plague our industry. In essence, it allows us to build the building virtually, before ever putting a shovel in the ground," said Andy Ball, CEO, Webcor Builders.

"We have completed hundreds of projects with this technology and the results have been dramatic," stated Ilpo Jalasjoki, CEO of YIT Construction Ltd. "We have cut our project planning and cost estimating times by up to two thirds and have increased estimating accuracy. There are many other benefits that we have realized in our upstream and downstream construction processes."

The products and services line-up includes:



Graphisoft Construction Services - to both ease the transition to the new technology and to provide additional customer support during peak loads, Graphisoft Construction Services will utilize the product line under the direction of the customer's project team. These services include:

Both Graphisoft Constructor 2005 and Graphisoft Estimator 2005 will be shipping before the end of this year.